Children - we have a challenge for you! We’d love you to store up God’s word in your heart by learning memory verses.

How does it work?

Each child under Year 5 received a key ring with memory verses in their mailbox.  If you didn’t get one or lost it, you can find the Preschool verses HERE or K-5 verses HERE.  Four of the memory verses are also songs from our K-5 Spotify play list HERE.

From this keyring, choose memory verses to learn as follows:

  • Pre-school Age - 1 verse
  • Years K-3 - 2 verses
  • Years 4-5 - 3 verses

When you have memorised these verses, let one of your leaders (or the office) know.  Your kids church leaders will deliver a special package to your house to celebrate!

God’s word is sweeter than honey and more powerful than a two edged sword - it comforts, encourages, rebukes and trains us in righteousness.  Parents and grandparents - help our little ones store up God’s promises by being part of this challenge in Term 2.