God's mission field is much larger than just the Port Macquarie-Hastings area. There are so many people who do not yet know Jesus, and so partnership with other missionaries and organisations around the world is a very important part of church life.  We are involved in prayer and financially supporting the following ministries:

The Fellowship of independent evangelical churches (fiec)

The Point Community Church is a part of the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (FIEC). To find out more about this Fellowship, click here.

Geneva Push

There is a great need for more and more people in Australia's cities and towns to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Geneva Push is an Australian church planting network which aims to recruit, assess and train a new generation of church planters who are dedicated to evangelising new churches into existence across Australia. 


The Open Evangelistic Church in Tanzania

The Open Evangelistic Church is a global church partner with The Point Community Church. Located in Msaranga, Tanzania, and led by Pastor Raynold, this small church has a big vision for Jesus being made known amongst the local population.

The Open Evangelistic Church sees a mission field of around 10 000 people in their immediate area, children making up close to half that number. These children are recognised as “the poorest of the poor children in over 25 developing countries” according to Compassion. 

Compassion Australia

In League with The Open Evangelistic Church (TOEC) in Tanzania, we have supported the work of compassion to see a Child Development Centre planted in the community where TOEC is. 

The centre opened September 16, 2012, and currently aids around 300 children from different families. These children have become a part of Compassion’s Child Sponsorship Program, and receive: education in literacy and life skills, health care and health education, and if required, supplemental nutrition. Most importantly, these children will have opportunities to hear and respond to Jesus’ Gospel.

Together, we support ongoing child sponsorship with Compassion, as well as special community projects in and around Tanzania.


Port Macquarie Christian Students (AFES)

University is a time when many people make life-changing decisions, and so Port Mac Christian Students is a group that exists to help Christian students keep loving Jesus throughout university, and to help non-Christian students explore the claims and truth of Jesus. 

Port Macquarie Christian Students is affiliated with the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students (AFES) and has recently appointed Steve Watt as the staff-worker for the group. Steve (along with Lauren and John) are involved with Bible teaching, discipleship and evangelism on campus.


Open doors australia

Open Doors Australia seeks to support and serve the persecuted church around the world. Click here for more info: https://www.opendoors.org.au

Alpha omega church, albania

Ermal and Sarah Lushi minister at Alpha Omega Church in Peshkopi; they are preaching the Gospel in the mountains of Albania. They work hard in a poor, post-communist community, which is historically Muslim.

Their church programmes include English classes, youth and children’s ministry, projects in the community, camps, bible study and Sunday services.

Please email ermal_lushi@yahoo.com to get in touch with Ermal and Sarah.