Who We Are

The Point Community Church is an independent Bible-teaching church that passionately and joyfully follows Jesus. 
Our services have a contemporary and relaxed feel, and are suitable for all people, no matter what age or stage of life. 

Here are some things to expect at any of our services:

  • A God-focussed time of singing and prayer which aims to focus our affections on Jesus
  • A sermon that is unashamedly and obviously from the Bible, focussing on what the Bible says in its original contexts, and how it is applied to us in an understandable, relevant and real way
  • Time to meet and build relationships with other people
  • Kids church programs in the morning service

The Point Community Church is affiliated with the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches.
We are also an incorporated association (INC9884544)

Our Mission Statement

The Good News of Jesus is the most important news in the world -
Life is all about Jesus, it always has been about Jesus, and it always will be about Jesus...

Because of this, We want our church, community, city, country and world to:

  • TREASURE Jesus and His gospel
  • GROW IN Jesus and His gospel
  • PROMOTE Jesus and His gospel

Therefore our mission is as follows:


The Discipleship engines

There are 5 main ways that we go about treasuring, growing in and promoting Jesus and His gospel. They are:

WEEKEND SERVICES - The corporate gathering of God’s people is important for the health of every Christian. We encourage all of our members to commit to one of our week end services. They are the one time in the week, where we gather as a larger group to be reminded of God’s glory through song, Bible reading, preaching and prayer. Our week end services are designed to remind us that our Father gives us breath in our lungs so that we would live to praise the Glory of His Grace.

SMALL GROUP DISCIPLESHIP: We also encourage all our members to be part of a Point Group. Point Groups are where we meet in a context small enough to be known and know for the purpose of loving one another and helping each other grow as a disciple. Point Groups are the place where we find authentic community for the purpose of spiritual growth.

Click here for more information about our Point Groups.

EVANGELISM - God only has a Plan A when it comes to salvation. If someone does not turn to Jesus with repentance and faith, they will spend eternity in Hell. Evangelism is sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ and praying that God will rescue. All of God’s children have an evangelism responsibility. We can pray bold prayers of salvation. We can invite friends to week end services and evangelistic events. We can share our salvation testimony and invite our friend to become a Christian.

MINISTRY & LEADERSHIP - Our ministry philosophy is founded on Ephesians 4:12, all of God’s children are ministers for the purpose of building Jesus’ church. Therefore, we seek to equip and empower everyone to use their ministry gifts.

If our ministries are to be effective we also need godly leaders. Therefore, we also invest in identifying, equipping and releasing leaders.

NEXT GEN - The Gospel of Jesus Christ is for every generation throughout history. God instructs older people to instruct younger people in His ways. While the primary disciple maker of children is the parents, as a church we partner with parents to raise the next generation of disciples. Our Next Gen anchor reminds us that our entire church is committed to leaving a legacy of Kingdom growth until Jesus returns. 

Click here for more information about our Kids and Youth Ministries.